Blue-Tongued Skinks - Contributions to Tiliqua and Cyclodomorphus

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Owing to their size and placid temperament, blue-tongued skinks are a unique group of vivarium animals. Since the early days of herpetoculture, the bizarre sleepy lizard ( Tiliqua rugosa ) and the impressive blue-tongued skinks ( Tiliqua spp. ) have been very popular pets, quickly becoming very friendly towards their keepers and establishing a real rapport with them.

This book covers a wide range of knowledge of the biology of the genera Tiliqua and Cyclodomorphus in 30 chapters written by 18 experts on the group. The German-Australian-Swiss team of editors has gathered together well-known scientists and experienced vivarium hobbyists and professionals to contribute detailed reports on all species and subspecies of blue-tongued skinks. Particular emphasis has been laid on the husbandry and reproduction of these animals in captivity. Additional chapters cover biology, anatomy, systematics, history and conservation of these fascinating large skinks. Three new subspecies of blue-tongued skinks are described. Comprehensive identification aids, a bibliography and a list of specialist terms round off this unique book.

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